Cracking Creamy Hazelnut is launching this Thursday!

Cracking Creamy Hazelnut is launching this Thursday! | Russell and Atwell

Hazelnuts are coming, Hazelnuts are coming…


Our Cracking Creamy Hazelnut fresh chocolates are launching this Thursday.


We always knew, as a chocolate business, that we had to have a nut flavour in our portfolio – many of our customers have been asking for it from the start. However, we also knew that it wouldn’t be easy – nuts are an awkward ingredient to work with, especially when you want them to be crunchy (on the outside) and smooth (on the inside) and to stay that way in a fridge for weeks!


So, after about 50 different prototypes, 3 tasting panels, 6 months of development, and several scale-up trials as well as a lot of poor jokes about Steve’s nuts falling off (see below an earlier prototype) – we think we’ve cracked it!


Special thanks to our tasters who helped us understand in the later stages of development that we needed the centre to be a little nuttier and the outside to be a fraction less sweet.


Our final recipe, we believe, has the right combination of nobbly crunchy Hazelnuts for the outside, together with a centre made with premium Italian Hazelnuts, roasted in their shells for a fuller flavour, then carefully ground to a fabulous smooth paste and blended with organic double cream and our Columbian Milk Chocolate for a creamy nutty melty centre.


Our Cracking Creamy Hazelnuts are, like the rest of our chocolates, hand-finished and a little nobbly, and messy. We think that real food often holds its beauty on the inside – with the taste – indeed you may get a few nuts in the bottom of your bag. We’ll leave it up to you as to whether you leave them, eat them, or save them for later.


And finally, unlike other ambassadorial delights, because we add fresh organic cream, you will get a truly Cracking Creamy Hazelnut taste immersion without the waxiness of palm-oil (that is so often used as a 'filler' in chocolate).


The site will open for Hazelnut sales on Thursday 16th September – we hope you enjoy them.



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