Slow Chocolate for Fast People

Slow Chocolate for Fast People - Russell and Atwell
Making the best fresh chocolates takes time.
Our chocolates are made in a 3 day artisanal process and hand-finished to give each chocolate its unique form and sublime taste. We use the finest quality ingredients and love to support independent producers - you can find out more here.
We start by creating the centres. On day one, the delicious ingredients for our centres, including fresh organic cream and butter and the finest sustainable cocoa, are gently mixed together. Imagine a giant mixing bowl, and you are not far off!
Chocolate being mixed
On day two, we form the centres into the little spheres, that will become our chocolates, which are then left to cool overnight.
Fresh chocolate centres
 Day three is the fun part! The cooled centres are passed through a curtain of chocolate which coats them in a delicate chocolate shell. When that is done, they are hand-dusted with cocoa and the chocolates are cooled.
 Once a fresh batch has been made, it’s ready to be packed up by us and stored in the fridge ready to be sent out to you. 
Our slow process has fantastic results. Made the slow way, our palm-oil free chocolates are fresh, sustainable, made in Britain and most importantly totally delicious.
The chocolates are hand-dusted with cocoa
As a new start-up, supporting other independent businesses is incredibly important to us. We buy our fresh cream and milk from Cotteswold Dairy, a beautiful organic farm, our honey from the father & daughter Wainwright family business and our cocoa primarily from a family-run business in Colombia, who have been growing cocoa for over 100 years. Find out more about where our ingredients come from here.
For us, the slow experience is not just about how we make our chocolates, but also how we enjoy them. Our fresh chocolates are made to be savoured – take them out of the fridge five minutes before eating and suck rather than bite them, to make the most of the creamy, smooth taste.  
We all have busy lives and taking the time to slow down and savour the moment is an indulgence we don’t allow ourselves enough.
Fresh chocolates & coffee

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Nicki ❤️

The most amazing chocolates , i have tried most of the flavours, you definitely need to savour the flavour in your mouth, as once its gone its gone, no aftertaste or stickiness
All the flavours are delicious but hazelnut is the best ❤️❤️.

Tracy Whitehouse

I had a jar of the dark chocolates for Christmas. A truly wonderful chocolate experience. Nothing compares and I applaud your ethical approach. This was my first but by no means my last. My brother said that it was impossible to eat more than one because they’re so decadent; I’ve proved him wrong. An earlier review says, ’it’s better than sex’. I say: It is sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll in chocolate form for the discerning palate. Thank you, lads.

Babar Coughlan

Absolutely awesome!
Now, on my " second orders" x
" Sharing the love " with family and friends ❤️ PERFECT 🥰 🎁 gift

Fleur Phillips

We’ve nearly run out…please let me know when we can re-order!! Fantastic chocolate.

Rachel McBurney

Please let me know when you have stock again. Can’t wait to taste them 😊

Kitty Watts

I had to order these chocolates after seeing the response from the Dragon’s. They absolutely lived up to their reputation in the den – absolutely delicious, I almost finished two pouches on the first day of receiving them. Definitely ordering more!


Ordered the chocolates, 3 pouch selection of salted caramel, dark chocolate and extra dark chocolate, couldn’t wait to try them and they definitely lived up to my expectations and more they were totally delicious, dreamy, decadent, smooth and so much better than sex!!!! lol

Gary saul

Oh my goodness; my chocolates arrived last week, I got the dragons den triple and I can honestly say they taste like nothing I’ve ever tried before! . Fantastic flavour profiles coupled with a decadent mouth feel make these extra special treats. I’ll definitely be in the queue for more!!!

Wayne Smith

I ordered some of these chocolates after watching Dragons Den and they are amazing. I am a fan and can’t wait to order more and pass them out as gifts to spread the word .

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