Sold out of fresh chocolates

Sold out of fresh chocolates | Russell and Atwell

We have been overwhelmed with support and orders since Dragons' Den and are now in the difficult position of having sold out of fresh chocolates. 

As we watched the programme for the first time with friends and family on Thursday, our delight soon turned to concern when we realised that we had seriously under-estimated just how many of you would want to try our chocolates.

The forecasts we had worked so hard on were being blown out of the water - we sold out of all the stock we had boxed up and ready-to-go within 16 minutes (150,000 chocolates in case you're interested), within 90 minutes we'd sold all remaining stock (150,000 more chocolates) and within two hours we had sold two years worth of fresh chocolates!

Below is an actual picture of our sales since March 2021 and the profound impact Dragons' Den had!

 We hate to disappoint our customers, so we made the difficult decision to stop taking orders while we find a way to make more chocolates, more quickly. 

We hope that you will wait and will still want to try the fresh chocolates that Sara Davies described as “the best chocolates I’ve ever tasted” when we return. Thank you for your patience and for supporting our business, it’s been an amazing journey and we are busy working every hour to make as many chocolates as possible.

When will I be able to order again?

Please sign up to our mailing list here and we will notify you when we will be back in stock. 

When will my existing order arrive?

We have already packed up and sent out 300,000 chocolates! If your order is one of these, you will receive a confirmation email when it is out for delivery with Royal Mail.

Any orders placed after Friday 11th March will take longer as we need to make a fresh batch of chocolates. We will keep you informed by email and we hope you will wait, however if you prefer to cancel please let us know on

Can’t you just make more chocolates? 

Yes, we can! And we will, but we will not compromise on quality.

Why does it take so long?

Whereas a mass-manufactured chocolate bar takes about an hour or two to produce, our chocolates take about 3 days to make (read our blog 'Slow Chocolate for Fast People'). We only use the best quality ingredients from small producers and, as a young start-up, we are doing everything ourselves from the packing to answering customer queries. Please bear with us as we work on the most efficient, zero-compromise way to make the most fresh chocolates and get them out to you as quickly as we can. 

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Mark Hayward 5 days ago

These chocolates were well worth the wait , delicious and I will be back for more when they are available again.

Carol H 5 days ago

Absolutely deserved success. These chocolates are on another level. Will be ordering again as soon as restocking is live. Very much worth the wait

Mark 12 days ago

Good chocolates but I can’t understand the fuss. I doubt they’ll post this review though….

James Hall 12 days ago

Ordered after watching you guys on dragons den and to be honest forgot I’d even ordered – well worth the wait! Absolutely delicious and can’t wait to get another order in!


Absolutely lush chocolates all consumed within a day of receiving them. Cannot wait for these bad boys to go back on sale – I’m awaiting patiently to pop my subscription in.

Kirsty Gustavson

I just happened to catch the episode of Dragons Den whilst channel flicking the TV and as HUUUUGE chocolate lovers myself and my Hubby just had to place an order. We had to wait a few weeks for our chocolates but by god were they worth it!! Sara Davies was so right, they are literally the best chocolates you will ever taste, they have a taste and smoothness like nothing else I’ve tried and you really can tell there are some quality ingredients in there! I was hoping to place another order but i’m really not surprised to see SOLD OUT on the website!! Oh well, as I said these chocolates are well worth the wait, so as soon as I get that ‘back in stock’ notification I’m ordering!!


I was lucky to receive my order and literally, they are the best chocs I’ve ever tasted. For a choc connoisseur like Sara Davies, I’ve not had anything like these ever before either.
Hope you’re getting a wiggle on as I need to order more.
Thank you for the tasty delights.

David Allen

I ordered immediately after watching Dragons Den.

Having just finished the 2nd of 3 bags (all to myself), I can honestly say that are the finest chocolates I have ever eaten :-)


OMG, these chocolates are amazing. Once they are available again, I will be ordering more, I have been good and shared with my family, who are converts.

Congratulations on your stellar performance on the Den,

Jane Shirley

Never done a comment for anything before but these chocolates are AMAZING!
Can’t wait for them to back in stock!

Deborah Jayne Wilson

We were lucky enough to receive our order and quite frankly, they are the best chocolates we have ever tasted. We cannot wait until they are back in stock to order again but the wait will be worth it. Well done on your success!!


Congratulations! Good luck! Would love to taste your chocolates… would you ever consider a vegan option?
All the best!

Carolyn Noren

My chocolates have just arrived! Fabulous. Well worth waiting for. Will definitely be ordering more! Congratulations on a fantastic product. Wishing you every success.


So glad I made the purchase based on the dragons review. The best chocolate out there! I will definitely be ordering regularly. I would like to be able to order the milk chocolate on its own in the future.
Thank you!

Jane Paskins

I am so pleased for you that your business has taken off in such an amazing way. I am disappointed that I am having to wait to try your wonderful chocolates, but have just had an e mail to say that my order is now on the way. Thank you so much for keeping your customers so well informed of delays to delivery and I quite understand your predicament, but how wonderful for you that your business is growing beyond your expectations. I look forward to my chocolate delivery and hopefully you will have more stock when I want to order more !
Well Done and thank you.

Allyson Davis

I watched the Dragon’s Den episode and was immediately impressed and ordered your triple pack the next day! I have also viewed your website and again truly impressed by the lengths to which you have gone to create your product in as sustainable as you can and your promise to continue in the same manner, maintaining the highest possible quality! Oh and I absolutely love your chocolates. I have already recommended them to many friends and family! Thank you!

Sally Morrill


Ferguson Harry

I’m sooooo disappointed that you’ve run out of stock as I cannot wait to try your amazing sounding (milk) chocolate. As the first to comment here, surely I deserve a sample ASAP!!! (Whisper it softly, I’ll even pay for it!). Good luck, Harry


Thanks for being so up front and honest, it says a lot about you by not putting profit before customer satisfaction and not taking orders you can’t fulfil – this is rare for those with Dragon’s Den success and a great hallmark of your future success – looking forward to being able to order when you have more stock

Heather Knowland

Thanks for the incredible chocolates, absolutely raved about in my household, congratulations. I guess we’ll just have to wait until we can order some more, I know they’ll be worth the wait. Good luck with the venture and thanks again!
Heather Knowland

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