Sold out of fresh chocolates

Sold out of fresh chocolates | Russell and Atwell

We have been overwhelmed with support and orders since Dragons' Den and are now in the difficult position of having sold out of fresh chocolates. 

As we watched the programme for the first time with friends and family on Thursday, our delight soon turned to concern when we realised that we had seriously under-estimated just how many of you would want to try our chocolates.

The forecasts we had worked so hard on were being blown out of the water - we sold out of all the stock we had boxed up and ready-to-go within 16 minutes (150,000 chocolates in case you're interested), within 90 minutes we'd sold all remaining stock (150,000 more chocolates) and within two hours we had sold two years worth of fresh chocolates!

Below is an actual picture of our sales since March 2021 and the profound impact Dragons' Den had!

 We hate to disappoint our customers, so we made the difficult decision to stop taking orders while we find a way to make more chocolates, more quickly. 

We hope that you will wait and will still want to try the fresh chocolates that Sara Davies described as “the best chocolates I’ve ever tasted” when we return. Thank you for your patience and for supporting our business, it’s been an amazing journey and we are busy working every hour to make as many chocolates as possible.

When will I be able to order again?

Please sign up to our mailing list here and we will notify you when we will be back in stock. 

When will my existing order arrive?

We have already packed up and sent out 300,000 chocolates! If your order is one of these, you will receive a confirmation email when it is out for delivery with Royal Mail.

Any orders placed after Friday 11th March will take longer as we need to make a fresh batch of chocolates. We will keep you informed by email and we hope you will wait, however if you prefer to cancel please let us know on

Can’t you just make more chocolates? 

Yes, we can! And we will, but we will not compromise on quality.

Why does it take so long?

Whereas a mass-manufactured chocolate bar takes about an hour or two to produce, our chocolates take about 3 days to make (read our blog 'Slow Chocolate for Fast People'). We only use the best quality ingredients from small producers and, as a young start-up, we are doing everything ourselves from the packing to answering customer queries. Please bear with us as we work on the most efficient, zero-compromise way to make the most fresh chocolates and get them out to you as quickly as we can. 

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Sharon Artemis

I’m a chocolate addict, so after seeing them on Dragon’s Den I ordered a pack of three bags. They arrived a couple of days ago and I have just eaten of of each. They are absolutely divine, but seeing that I won’t be able to order any more for a little (hopefully!) while, I will have to strictly ration them, and not share them with anyone!
I thought Seed & Bean’s organic truffles were delicious and the best I could buy, but these truffles are on another level – Sara Davies is right!
As soon as possible, please would you move to much bigger premises and hire (or train up) more chocolatiers, so that I (and anyone else) never have to be without your chocolates in the fridge!


Hi my wife (Brenda} bought a selection before you sold out. Arrived today, we have just opened them and finding it hard to close the packet. Delicious, Well done and best of luck in the future.


I very much admire your integrity in not compromising the quality of your product to rush out orders. I have registered my interest and will order as soon as there is availability – hopefully in time for an Easter treat for myself!! Good luck for the future.

Helen Murphy

OMG I was lucky and got chocolates. I opened even before I had my breakfast and had to stop myself scoffing the LOT! Absolutely divine does not cover how good these are. Many will look at the price and never order – more fool them because you will then only ever experience mass market greasy chocolate and miss out on one of life’s affordable treats. This is chocolate on a whole new level. No fancy packaging but you don’t need that in the fridge where you can hide these from the rest of the family. It makes you realise what we’ve been missing out on in the world of chocolate. I will be back for more and am praying we will get some rum chocolates in time for Christmas. Thank you from my taste buds!

Jan Grieve

I love chocolate! After watching Dragon’s Den (I also love Peter Jones ❤️) I ordered your chocolates. My postman delivered them yesterday – unusually there were two postmen in the van as they share the round. When I expressed my delight that my chocolates had arrived their interest was such that I had to offer them a sample. They opted for the milk chocolates and we all agreed they are absolutely divine!! They are now hidden at the back of the fridge so hopefully my husband can’t see them. Congratulations on your success and I look forward to ordering more soon ….. WELL DONE!

Maria-Paz Coe

I received my very first order of Russell & Giles Atwell amazingly tasty chocolates! They are indeed very unique in shape, taste, texture and presentation. They arrived in a flat, rather smart box with instructions to place in fridge upon arrival.
I am a fine chocolate consumer, my favourite being Champagne Truffles.
I highly recommend this product for fine chocoholic consumers.
I will definitely visit you again.
Would you consider making Champagne chocolates in the near future?
Very happy customer. Will advertise your product with friends and family.
Thank you!

Sabrina Curson

So pleased the sales have gone up after your appearance on Dragons Den. I love chocolate and coming from Switzerland originally I had to try these of course!
I love the dark and milk chocolate. What a treat! They taste like home made confectionary. I was going to give some away as presents but I have kept them all myself! I can’t risk running out before you are ready to make more! Well done and best of luck for the future of your business.

Estelle Suchley

Wishing you all the best with your big adventure! I will patiently sit and wait for the invitation to order. I’m not surprised you have been in undated- you were great on Dragon’s Den

Jane Lockyer

After watching dragons den I ordered my selection from you guys and they arrived today .
They are undoubtedly the BEST chocolates I have ever had ,and trust me I have had my fair share !! .
Well done to you both on your success .


Nice to hear that everything is going really well for you guys, don’t compromise be the best that you can and you will own the fresh chocolate market.

Hope I get to try them for myself soon. Although if they are really that good I think I would have to battle with the wife and 3 children.

I never win😩😂😩

Good luck

sir james walsh

my comment has no meaning because you are already doing it as hard as you can so good luck.


Loved your pitch on Dragon’s Den and congratulations!! I guess I will have to be patiently waiting for these insanely good sounding chocolates. Wish you all the best and can’t wait to try them 😊


Just received my first of many orders. I’m not usually a fan of dark chocolates, but these had a delicate flavour not bitter. The milk chocolate ones literally melt in your mouth! Definitely worth the wait!

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