Trust no one - where do you hide your chocolates?

Trust no one - where do you hide your chocolates? - Russell and Atwell

No question has divided the country so profoundly since the launch of marmite in 1902.


This is serious stuff…should chocolate be kept in the fridge?


We ran a survey and asked our followers on social media about where they keep their chocolates. 

Firstly, we’ve discovered that the nation is split (again!) with 48% keeping it chilled at least some of the time and the other 52% keep it in all sorts of places.

And secondly, we found out that 32% of the UK always hide their chocolates – from partners, kids (especially) and sometimes from themselves. Surely chocolate must be the only food found in every part of the home?


13% of the UK refuse to even tell us where they hide their chocolates.


Trust no one

Unexpected places:

  • In the tumble dryer as it's the only place where my kids and other half would never guess to look 
  • In a box file in my office, labelled with a really boring committee name.
  • In the first aid kit in the car boot 
  • Bookshelf - People think the bars are books and don’t touch them
  • In the microwave where my partner never looks
  • Underneath a loose floorboard in the garden shed
  • In my knicker drawer 
  • To avoid my wife finding it, I stash it in the toilet cistern (but out of the water).


Relying on inertia:

  • I hide my chocolate at the back of the salad drawer in the fridge,  my husband doesn’t move things so he won’t find them
  • in a "water fridge" in the garage gym... says something about how often my family use the gym 
  • Hidden behind the extra large jar of pickles on the top shelf of the larder
  • Under the bed - shhhhhhh
  • In the fruit bowl - the kids never look there!

Locked away safely:

  • On the top of the piano - hidden behind a picture frame to stop my husband eating them all!
  • In top reach of the cupboard. I have a bell 🔔 on the cupboard door so I know when my boyfriend is pinching 🤏 it!
  • My belly is the safest place 
  • In the locked box in the fridge 
  • If I told you I would have to kill you

It’s a constant battle:

  • The location changes weekly so my partner can’t find them
  • Unfortunately our fresh chocolates suffer from the whisky equivalent of angel's share, they evaporate rapidly - in this case the angel is my wife - so they need to be kept out of sight
  • Depends if they are known about by my wife . Some in the fridge (known)  some in the garage (possibly known)  some in my golf bag (unknown!)


You don't have to pick a side:

Whether you are a  ‘chiller’ who loves the snap and coldness of the fridge, or a 'softy' who loves the quicker melt, at Russell & Atwell, we think we can help bridge this divide and bring the nation together.

We designed our chocolates to taste amazing cold, with fresh organic cream instead of palm oil, to give a wonderful ‘crack’ from the outer shell (for the chillers), followed by a smoooooth, long and lingering  intensely chocolatey melt. (for the softies).

So, if everything tastes better fresh – are you still eating long-life chocolates?

Browse our Top 10 sellers or if you’re looking for something more luxurious (and environmentally friendly), try our luxury glass jars with eco refills  to upgrade you chocolate experience.

Finally, we’d love to hear from you. Are you a 'chiller' or a 'softy'.  Do share in the comments where you keep yours…!


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