Why is 'fresh' better?

If everything tastes better fresh, why are people still eating long-life chocolate?”

Steve and I have over 30 years combined, working on world famous chocolate brands across 4 continents. 

So, when we set out to create ridiculously good chocolates, we discovered (although it wasn't a big surprise), that the fresh products tasted a whole lot better than any other recipes. After all, why wouldn't a product made with organic fresh cream and stored in the fridge for a few weeks, taste better than another product made with palm oil that sits on a supermarket shelf for a year?

It sounds kind of simple, but the chocolate bar was invented at the start of the 20th century, but domestic fridges didn't come along until the 1950s. 

So, while people have switched to fresh in other foods (milk, pasta, juice, desserts…) chocolate has been left, literally, on the shelf! Until now...


We like to say that Russell & Atwell brings you the “true” flavour of chocolate.

Organic fresh cream instead of palm oil. Wild honey instead of preservatives. We make sure that everything we put in our chocolates is high quality, sustainable and delicious; that is the secret to their unbeatably rich taste and melt-in-the-mouth texture. 

Now here comes some science from Steve who has designed a tasting methodology we call our ‘Chocolate Melty Curve’ to bring to life our signature fresh chocolate taste. 

Our unique blend of cocoa, together with fresh organic cream and honey gives you three big benefits:

Firstly taste - the combination brings an authentic richness, depth and creaminess to the chocolate without needing lots of extra sugar. (See the dark brown 'taste' line on our science chart above), making Russell & Atwell the perfect chocolate for chocoholics.

Secondly texture - whereas palm oil typically coats the mouth with a layer of clumpy wax, the cream in our chocolates delivers a much smoother melt, leaving your mouth fresh and clean and wanting more (see the orange 'texture' line above).

Finally local - we simply prefer to source organic cream and butter from the Cotswolds, rather than shipping palm oil halfway across the planet.

Chocolates chilling in the fridge


We're so confident that our fresh ingredients deliver an altogether better tasting experience, that we challenge you to try them head-to-head with a certain Swiss red sphere to experience the difference.

So why not treat yourself and order some fresh chocolates by post today? Once you have eaten fresh, you won’t be looking back!

"The texture of the inside is fabulous, really silky with a beautiful taste. Felt like I was eating something very decadent. I don't normally eat dark chocolate, so wasn't expecting to like these...very impressed."  Customer Review of R&A Smooth Dark.