Xmas Corporate Orders


We are being asked some customers about our Xmas Corporate/Bulk offers.

We've created 5 options for you to choose from - our 'greatest hits' - most likely therefore to be crowd-pleasers and have been very well received with everyone from publishers to project managers, lawyers to teachers. 

Prices start from £12 per unit (includes postage) with a minimum order of 20.

We can, if required, deliver in bulk to your office for you to hand-out, or send directly to people's homes. Pouch packs (1&2) are letter-box friendly (i.e. it can go through a standard UK letterbox directly into a home), Jar packs (3&4) need someone at home to receive the package. We can also, with enough time, place bespoke messages into packs with your company logo. 

To ensure we can reserve your order and be confident of timely delivery, all orders need to be booked by early December. We are a small business with limited stocks, so we recommend reserving as early as you can!

To find out more, or book your order, please contact us on: sales@russellandatwell.com or call 0203 633 9832




Steve & Giles


P.S. We don't yet send beyond the UK - sorry!