Retail & Wholesale

We currently retail Russell & Atwell chocolates in a number of Farm Shop’s, Delicatessens and retail outlets including Booths

We would love to help boost the sales in your chilled desserts fixture with a product that embodies  irresistible flavour and British quality!


Why Stock Russell & Atwell...

1.    Exceptional Flavour: Our products are made with organic double cream and absolutely no palm oil. This combined with our “double crack” outer shell delivers an intense flavour and perfect texture straight from the fridge

2.    Freshness Guaranteed: We pride ourselves on delivering chocolates that are freshly made and promptly delivered to your store. Our Shelf life is significantly higher than most chilled desserts reducing store waste.

3.    Diverse Assortment: From our signature Creamy Milk to our newest innovation Dirty Blond we have flavours so you can tailor the range to suit your store.

4.    Beautiful Presentation: Our Packaging is LDPE4 recyclable and offers a real pop of colour in the chiller cabinet helping consumers find their favourite flavour with ease.

To hear more about our pricing and order options please get in touch with us by email on:, we'd love to be sold in your store!