Retail & Wholesale

We have been trading for over a year now and are predominantly sold online. However, we are listed in an increasing number of quality Delis and Cafes, mainly in the Midlands and London area.

If you are interested in listing us in your store, we like to ask 3 questions:

1) Do you have foody customers who are interested in what they eat and prepared to pay more for quality products?

2) Do you have a well-maintained fridge in-store where the fresh chocolates can be chilled, browsed and bought?

3) Fresh Chocolates is a new idea for many customers - are you able to sample and/or tell people about our chocolates in your store to drive trial?

If the answer to the 3 questions above is 'yes'- then please do get in touch with us by email on:, we'd love to be sold in your store!

DRAGONS' DEN UPDATE: Due to exceptional demand, we are happy to explore a listing for you, but realistically we should target Autumn 2022 to list with you.