A little bit of fun this 1st April

A little bit of fun this 1st April - Russell and Atwell

Well, we had a little bit of fun this April 1st, wanting to recognise a lighter (or in this case heavier) side of what has been a tough year for everyone.

We hope you enjoy the spoof post below that we released on social media and our website. ..


We wanted you to be the first to know that after an awkward meeting with our lawyers last week, we've been obliged to update our logo. This will be rolling-out after Easter.

After a year of pandemic and several lockdowns which have deprived Steve of the gym and Giles of tennis, it is fair to say that neither of us are in great shape.

However, we did not expect to be summoned to our lawyers office and briefed that under the Trade Descriptions Act of 1968, the original logo risks misrepresenting ourselves. Under their supervision, we have therefore updated our logo and visuals to a more accurate representation.

Lockdown has not done many people any favours on the physique-front, however, in addition to the rollout of our new logo post-Easter across the website and all of our packaging and communication, I'm sure you will understand that we are also looking to change legal firm.

Oh, and while we remember, we will be taking a little time off over Easter - next posting of chocolates will be Wednesday 7th April. Have a great break everyone and enjoy this first day of April.

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