2023 - it's a wrap!

2023 - it's a wrap! - Russell and Atwell

We can't believe it's our fourth Festive Season since launching in 2020.

After a slow start, it has been quite a year for us:

- 3 new flavours (Passion Fruit, Marc de Champagne, Dirty Blond) and 3 Micro-Batches

- New retailers including Booths supermarkets and Fruit Pig(they do amazing fresh black pudding in case you're interested)

- Tripling our Instagram followers

- Our first 'Great Taste Award' for Seville Orange

- A chocolate workshop with Steven Bartlett and the Diary of a CEO team

And our team has continued to expand with the wonderful Val taking-on more and more of our customer service and Will 'excel-wizard' joining us on sales.

It's been a typically bumpy, but ultimately good year for us. We've certainly not got everything right, but finishing with 500 reviews and a 4.76/5 rating makes the effort worthwhile! popcorn and a hot drink

We are having a rest. We don't have bots, or a call-centre on the other side of the planet, it's Val, Clare, Sof or Giles who answer your queries.
We are now all taking a break until 3rd January to reconnect with family and friends, eat too much, walk a little, play tennis and watch cheesy films. 

We've got an exciting 2024 planned...

A secret micro-batch breaking later in January, then a fresh batch of our mouthwatering Limited Edition Passion Fruit for Valentine's Day, and more yummy new flavours and formats for later in the year. Stay tuned!
Having held prices for nearly 2 years, passing to you our savings as we've scaled, we will need to take a small price-rise in January - sorry!
order today to arrive in january
There will be a little Boxing-Day sale with some remaining festive stock and we will next post-out on 3rd January 2024.
A big thanks to our extended team - to Amy and Katie (accounts), Kizito, Luke and Adam (fulfilment), Sof (marketing) Will (sales), Val and Clare (customer service) our suppliers and partners.
But especially a big thanks to you, our customers - there's a lot of choice in chocolate out there, and while we believe we've got a deliciously different and 'fresh' perspective on the market, we are truly grateful each and every time you choose us.
Have a wonderfully restful and recuperative festive season and we'll see you in the new year.
Steve & Giles

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Muhammed Hassan 7 days ago

Best chocolate I ever had. I would love to invest in your business.

Debra Evans 7 days ago

Do you have a vegan range


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